Culver City Board of Education Candidates Celebrate Election's End

The evening ended with a celebratory champagne toast at the house of Nancy Goldberg as final numbers pushed her to the top of the preliminary results list.

The parties ranged from having a mellow atmosphere to having a peak of excitement around 11:45 p.m. as Nancy Goldberg took the lead, with Laura Chardiet etching out ahead as well.  Though the are still too close to call between her and , she did manage to head over to the Goldberg residence to congratulate Nancy on her projected win.  

Patch photog Sara Cozolino asked Nancy Goldberg and Laura Chardiet how they felt at this point, and after both acknowledging they were spent from the demands of the campaign, they also felt energized. As Laura Chardiet also stated, "I am looking forward to focusing on the kids, students, and their futures, and not on the campaign."  She went on to add that they could both get back to "focusing on what they know best: education, not politics," to which Nancy Goldberg agreed.

Follow continued coverage on Culver City Patch.com, and click on the pictures to get a recap of the fun. Since the results are still "semi-official" according to County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder spokeswoman Marcia Ventura, the winning seats have not been officially declared. Keep coming back to Culver City Patch.com for the official results.

Mike King November 10, 2011 at 07:08 PM
Congrats to Laura and Nancy on being elected to the school board, I look forward to you continuing the great progress our schools have made over the last decade or so. There is still much to do!


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