First Day Impressions of Culver Park High’s New Premises

Culver City kids went back to school Tuesday and Culver Park High began its first day of classes in its portable classrooms. Reaction to the new premises is mixed, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The decision by the Culver City Board of Education to approve to accommodate kindergarten classes for El Marino Language School this year,

A week before school began the Culver City Unified School District , on the excitement and positive feelings surrounding the opening of Culver Park High at its news premises.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times paid a visit to the Culver Park classes in the parking lot between Culver City Middle School and Farragut Elementary to see how students, staff and faculty really felt.

The Times reported that Principal Veronica Montes spent the first day “shepherding students away from a hole in the ground, where workers were still installing phone and data wiring.”

The article also spoke about concerns raised by the Southern California ACLU Chapter that the portable classrooms may not meet school facility standards.

Click here to read the LA Times article with interviews from new Superintendent David LaRose, School Board President Karlo Silbiger, new Culver Park Principal Veronica Montes, teachers and students.

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George Laase September 06, 2012 at 02:35 PM
The LA Times reported that the CCUSD School Board had voted to move Culver Park High School. This is incorrect. The agenda item that the Board voted on was only to start full-day kindergarten classes at El Marino. They have yet to officially vote on moving Culver Park.
Marla Wolkowitz September 06, 2012 at 03:43 PM
The Times article was slanted and seemed intended on adding to a local issue that isn't an issue. Had the photographer turned in one direction, say to his/her left, behind one fence was Farragut Elementary School, including a bungalow, had he/she turned to the right they would have seen the bungalow of the Middle School. Using the word trailer instead of bungalow was an incorrect choice of words. Missing from the article is background information about the CA Ed. Code, the difference between a structural setting for adults students and a second set of rules for K-12 students. No one had any complaints when the building was most recently occupied by the Adult School, comprised of students that returned to education for a variety of reasons. Yet somehow, the same space for fewer students has become newsworthy. Culver Park High School is now located very close-by our wonderful Julian Dixon Culver City Library, an invaluable resource. The school is situated alongside the Ballona Creek, as am I, am when it rains the sound of the rushing water is quite stimulating and at the same time the location is an amazing teaching tool. The new location is also close to Lindberg Park, a park with terrific fitness equipment. And, finally, due to the proximity to the bridge that crosses the creek, parents don't have to add to the parking lot traffic to drop off their students but can let them off on Rhoda/Westwood/Ocean Dr. with ease. Let CPHS settle-in and judge later.


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