Culver City Schools Integrate Their Security Systems

CCUSD has replaced its outdated analog surveillance system with new IP video and access controls.

Culver City’s five elementary schools, middle school, high school, continuation school and adult school now have a single, integrated security system.  

Ted Yant, a former member of the Culver City Police Department currently serves as the security supervisor for the CUlver City Unified School District and its 7,500 students.

According to a report on Campus Safety, Yant decided to upgrade the district’s 10-year-old analog system with sophisticated surveillance technology for all of the campuses.  

To help pay for the more than $60,000 system, CCUSD received a grant from its insurance company.

"It cost us less to install cameras and Gateways at the sites than we lost in computers," Yant told Campus Safety, referring to a series of break ins at the high school where $15,000 worth of iMac’s were stolen.

Click here to read more about CCUSD’s new security system on Campus Safety

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fredrodriguez December 27, 2012 at 04:55 AM
Safety and security monitoring systems are not cheap to implement and maintain, especially when we do not see the need to, such as when no incidences ever occur. However, in this particular case, the school would definitely find it much cheaper and a definite necessity to have such a system installed because an unwanted incidence has taken place which costs them much more than a security system. However, above all I think it is always important to have a security structure planned out for every building as we are not able to foresee if any sudden occurrences were to happen or not.


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