Voting Districts Are Changing: What Does That Mean for You?

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission releases a draft plan with new state electoral districts on Friday. Here is what you need to know about Culver City and the new districts.

WHAT: After two years of work, the 14-member California Redistricting Commission released draft plans for new congressional and state districts for the entire state on Friday.

The plans show new boundaries for California's 53 congressional districts, 40 state senate districts and 80 state assembly districts, as well as districts for the state Board of Equalization, which handles taxation issues.

The boundaries are in the draft state now and there will be a public input process.  The final districts will be released in August.


In this first round, Culver City remained in the same State Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts with surrounding areas such as Ladera Heights and View Park-Windsor Hills. However, the larger State Senate District 26 and Assembly District 47 experienced a minimal change, each losing less than 1 percent of its constituents. Information on specific streets and neighborhoods that are no longer in these districts has not been released. Click on the PDFs to the right for a comparison.

The redrawn map lines mean you could potentially find yourself part of a new congressional or state district. And it means you could find yourself suddenly part of the majority (or minority) politically.

You can read more about the redistricting process, the commission, and the criteria used for the new districts in our article here.  Maps of the new and old districts for Culver City are attached at the right.  More information about the old Board of Equalization districts can be found here.

Culver City Patch will be following up with more information as it is released.

What do you think of the proposed new districts?


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