Update: Measure Y Supporters Band Together

Fliers were distributed over the weekend to garner support for the Culver City ½ cent sales tax on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Over 225 people gathered early Saturday morning to help distribute ‘Yes on Measure Y’ material to over 13,000 households throughout Culver City.

Mayor Andy Weissman, Vice Mayor Jeff Cooper and Councilmembers Meghan Sahli-Wells and Jim Clarke all came out to Veterans Memorial Park on Saturday to help galvanize the 225-plus strong crowd to hand out fliers and provide information to residents to support Measure Y – the ½ cent sales tax increase.

The Measure will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot and Vice Mayor Cooper told the assembled crowd, “If it passes, Measure Y will help maintain essential Culver City services such as 911 emergency responses, paramedics, police and fire protection.  While adding just 5 cents to a $10 purchase, Measure Y would raise an estimated $8 million annually for local services - with the majority of revenue coming from non-residents shopping and dining in Culver City.”

Others who participated in the event include School board member Kathy Paspalis and Nancy Goldberg, off-duty public safety personnel, retired Culver City council members and school board members, Culver City senior citizens, local youth including the Culver City High School Baseball team, the Culver City High School Interact Club and the Culver City High School Muslim Student Association.

Former Mayor Alan Corlin said he was impressed with the youth turnout.

“It’s great to see our students so involved and so motivated,” he said.  “It never surprises me the number of people that will do the right thing when the right thing needs to be done.”

Middle School student Matthew Paspalis said he was willing to get out of bed early Saturday morning to take part, because,  “We have a great City.  I want to make sure that Culver City is as great in the future as it is now.”

Retired school board member and senior citizen Madeline Ehrlich noted that the turnout “showed the tremendous city-wide support for such an important Measure.”

Click here to read more about Measure Y.

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Meghan Sahli-Wells October 13, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Thanks to all the volunteers who came out in support of Measure Y! Please remember to vote on Nov. 6th!


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