Rindge Dam Feasibility Study Nearly Ready for Public Comment

California State Parks is preparing a website with information about the controversial project.

A feasibility study on the Rindge Dam removal project could be released to the public by this summer, according to California State Parks.

Both California State Parks and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are stakeholders in the controversial project.

Closed-door “working meetings” about the project have recently come under criticism from a Malibu resident who was kicked out of a Technical Advisory Committee meeting a few weeks ago.

“I know the person who was kept out of that meeting. She is one of the most well respected members of this community. She is a stakeholder,” Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte said at Mondays Malibu City Council meeting.

Craig Sap, Supervisor for California State Parks Angeles District, said the Technical Advisory Committee meetings do not have to be open to the public.

“These meetings are necessary,” Sap said during Mondays meeting. “Our first and foremost concern is the safety of down stream residents and sensitive environments.”

The study will also include possible ways to use some of the sediment at the top of the dam for beach replenishment projects.

Sap said a website is in the works with information about the project, which could be ready as early as this spring.

He added that a number of outreach meetings are also in the works.  

The plan to remove the Rindge Dam is meant to open Malibu Creek to allow the endangered Steelhead trout to move up stream.

Nancy Hastings February 27, 2013 at 08:29 PM
Surfrider Foundation has pushed for maximum use of usable sediment and cobble trapped behind Rindge Dam at Surfrider Beach. Surfrider Beach has been starved of this sediment for decades. Surfrider has never said "no" to beach replenishment. Our #1 reason for participation in the TAC meetings was to ensure that as much sediment as possible was placed at Surfrider Beach to address myriad concerns including (but not limited to) historic sand loss leading to subsequent erosion and inlet migration. Initial plans included cobble being sold or discarded, and far less sediment going to Surfrider with a larger percentage going to Broad Beach and Topanga... Surfrider Foundation pushed for agencies to take the cobble and increase the percentage of sediment going to Surfrider Beach.
Private citizen February 28, 2013 at 02:20 AM
Craig Sap from State Parks sited the state code for a technical advisory committee (TAC) that allowed the exclusion of the public last evening at the city council meeting. The TAC meeting that Suzanne Goode hosted for the Rindge Dam was not a true closed meeting considering she allowed hand picked stakeholders, such as , Michael Blum from Malibu surfing association, Nancy Hastings from Surfrider Foundation and Ozzy Silna a private citizen to attend. These are not technical advisors. They are the hand picked public. When State Parks allows this to happen, they turn a TAC meeting into an attack meeting. Private citizen
Andy Lyon February 28, 2013 at 10:49 PM
Surfrider Foundation supported the destruction of the lagoon. The lagoon is ruining and starving the beach of of sand and cobbles. surfrider helped ruin surfrider. Don't support these people !!! Nancy, You don't understand why the beach is starved of sediment. There is PLENTY of cobbles and sand from the base of the dam to the beach , enough to make the most insane point and sand bar. The problem is what they did to the lagoon. Go look at where the creek is flowing right now. The new lagoon is so wide that there isn't any real force to expel all the material trapped in there. Surfrobber Foundation ...Stay out of Malibu !!! and take Steal the Bay with you !
Andy Lyon February 28, 2013 at 10:54 PM
On a side note... I noticed today at Zuma that a film shoot was going on and beaches and harbors used tractors to make sand berms for them in front of the food stand. My question is why can't they just do that at Malibu to keep the creek breaching in the right place ? Do I have to get a filming permit ? It could be my ARGO ... a fake movie to save the point !! It makes no sense. They have the tractors. I could have that beach perfect if these IDIOTS would just listen.
Jon Davis March 01, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Makes no sense. For one thing, the material behind the dam has never been dredged, hence the dam is full of sediment. For another, you're promoting dredging "little by little" while at the same time saying trucking the material out is "insanity"! How are they going to dredge "little by little" without trucking the material out? Maybe they should just start dumping the sediments over the top of the dam? Fire protection? Really? When the Pacific Ocean is 2-miles away? As are several OPERATING reservoirs!


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