More Traffic Woes in Culver City

The City needs to work on having events and activities that do not constantly impact parking and traffic in residential areas.

I wanted to add my concerns to Cary Anderson's blog . My block has had permit parking since 1982. The hours for enforcement were expanded about 15 years ago to match the hours of continued outside incursion. After all these years I continue to request Parking Enforcement several times a week because drivers feel the restrictions do not apply to them. There are times on the weekends (outside the enforcement hours), when we cannot park on our own residential block.
During the past few weeks there has been some sort of fund-raising activity every weekend within sight of my home, affecting traffic or parking on my block. I find abandoned fliers on the street and others left to rot on street lights.
How many parking stalls were taken out of public service at Veterans Park to handle the staging of the May 11 downtown car show?
We've also had vehicles side-swiped by hit and run drivers; a car roll over and damage a parked car; two school children injured by cars while crossing the street; and the daily occurance of vehicles running stop signs, or drivers talking/texting on their cell phones. You can imagine my concern when I see children trying to flag down vehicles for a car wash for some fund-raiser.
We have a problem with pick-up/drop-off areas for and students as well as , the Center for Child Development and possibly the soon to be relocated . Yet, I see Culver City Unified School District employee parking permits  on vehicles in the surrounding residential streets. Many drivers wait at the curb on my block, engines running, for phone calls from their students coming out of the CCUSD Quad-Campus.
The City needs to work on having events and activities that do not constantly impact the residential areas.


John L. Heyl

Farragut Drive

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