Join Tonight’s Anti-Fracking Press Conference at 6 p.m. Knox Presbyterian Church

Join Culver City residents, Food & Water Watch and others at the press conference that will take place ahead of PXP’s presentation of its fracking report at 6:30 p.m.

Tonight, PXP - the oil company drilling and fracking on the Inglewood Oil field – is presenting a study they funded about how safe fracking is in our community. The Inglewood Oil Field fracking study exemplifies how the oil and gas industry bends science and hides behind sponsored scientists and environmental consulting groups to suit its financial interests.

Sweeping conclusions are drawn from an exceptionally narrow study that is riddled with evidence of industry bias. Foxes are guarding the henhouse. That’s why the community is taking a stand tonight: local organizations and community members will hold a press conference prior to the meeting at 6:00pm to comment on the industry funded study, and will join together during the meeting to send a clear message: the game is rigged, we won’t be fooled, we want a ban on fracking now! We hope you will join us.

The study was paid for by PXP and conducted by Cardno ENTRIX, which advertises its ability to 'help the oil and gas industry meet its needs.' In a full response to be released by Food & Water Watch at Monday's meeting, it is made clear that Cardno ENTRIX cannot be considered an “independent” consultant due to their strong ties to the oil and gas industry. Further, it was peer reviewed by John P. Martin, a consultant that offers 'strategic planning, resource evaluation, project management and government/public relations services to the energy industry' and that has a record of promoting the drilling and fracking industry.

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That local residents are organizing and refusing to stand for the hype, spin and lies should come as no surprise to Culver City Council or our state representatives. In May, overlooking the Inglewood Oil field, the campaign to ban fracking in California was launched. Already, 50,000 Californians had signed the petition calling for a statewide ban. Californians from rural Kern County to urban South Los Angeles and throughout the state stood together in opposition to fracking. In June, 450 people packed a state workshop in Culver City and called on the Governor and the California legislature to ban fracking until it can be proven safe. In July, Culver City residents came in droves and asked their councilmembers to ban fracking within city limits, and Carson residents have organized calling on their city officials to do the same. Los Angeles has introduced a resolution, and Culver City and Carson have passed resolutions calling on the state to halt fracking until proven safe. 

As Monday's hearing will no doubt prove again, Culver City residents will not back down when the safety of their water, air, property and communities is threatened by fracking. Join us in speaking out for the health and safety of our families and neighborhoods this evening:

What: Annual Plains Exploration & Production Company (PXP) Community Meeting and presentation of fracking study

Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community, Food and Water Watch Los Angeles, and community response PXP Funded Fracking Study

When: Tonight, Mon. Oct. 15, 6 p.m.

Where: Knox Presbyterian Church 5840 La Tijera Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90056


Brenna Norton, local organizer, Food and Water Watch Los Angeles

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