VIDEO: Expect 405 Closure Saturday as Prep Work Ramps Up

The public heard details from officials Thursday night on the second full Carmageddon II closure of the I-405 and that crews have run into delays on the Sepulveda Pass project.

As drivers are warned of I-405 closures starting Saturday in preparation for Carmageddon II, they are also learning the full Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project is running about four to six months behind schedule.

At a community meeting Thursday night in the , project manager Michael Barbour said crews have encountered delays in getting the Mulholland Bridge ready for the full freeway closure Sept. 29 to Sept. 30.

But in preparation for the second phase of the Mulholland Bridge demolition and reconstruction, drivers should expect  to take place this weekend and next weekend leading up to Carmageddon II when both sides of the freeway will be shut down.

At the community meeting attended by roughly 50 people, officials from Unified Command, comprised of Metro, the Los Angeles police and fire departments, California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Caltrans, gave a presentation on the 53-hour closure of the I-405 dubbed Carmageddon II.

Barbour said delays have impacted work on the center pier, the steel beams and supports. During the $1 billion project, he said workers ran into mechanical issues and "messy walls" as well as approximately $110 million to $115 million worth of utility work.

"That has been, really, a challenge for the job to get that sorted out," Barbour said. "In fact, one of the major issues [we] have with the new bridge is getting four utilities in place and energized before we can tear down the north half of the bridge. But right now, you'll probably notice a significant amount of activity across the entire project. The contractor's been trying to catch up on his 'messy wall' problems he's had."

Brentwood resident Patricia Hearst said last year she was able to watch through high-powered binoculars.

"That was absolutely fabulous," she said. "They were very professional, and cut it up like a big cake."

Public officials to announce Carmageddon II and reminded Angelinos to stay out of their cars, explore their neighborhoods and avoid the 405 at all costs.

Carmageddon II impact on drivers:

  • From Sept. 8 to Sept. 9, there's a full southbound directional closure from the U.S. 101 to the Getty Center ramps from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m.
  • From Sept. 15 to Sept. 16, there's a full northbound directional closure from the Getty Center ramps to the U.S. 101 from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. The Mulholland Bridge will also close from that Friday at 10 p.m. to Sunday at 8 a.m. that weekend for roadway alignment and elevation adjustment.
  • From Sept. 21 through Sept. 24, there will be a Mulholland Bridge traffic switch, roadway alignment and elevation adjustment. Mulholland Drive closes from that Friday at 10 p.m. to Monday at 6 a.m.
  • Ramps will begin closing as early as 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, within the freeway closure limits. Lanes will begin closing as early as 10 p.m. on Friday.
  • Full closure of the I-405 begins Saturday at 12:01 a.m. The northbound I-405 is closed from the I-10 to U.S. 101. The southbound I-405 is closed from the U.S. 101 to the Getty Center Drive ramps. The Mulholland Bridge and Haskell ramps close, as well as northbound U.S. 101 connectors from the I-405.
  • The I-405 is scheduled to reopen Monday, Oct. 1, at 5 a.m. 

For more information, email I405@metro.net and visit metro.net/405.

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