VIDEO: Confrontation at Malibu Lagoon

Opponents debate with supporters and officials involved in Malibu Lagoon project.

An intense scene on Thursday in the  parking lot as opponents of the  confronted leaders of the plan in a discussion that at times got heated.

The large gathering formed at the lagoon because it was one of the stops on the California Coastal Commission's tour of Malibu. The commissioners and other guests on the bus tour heard details about the project from Suzanne Goode, a senior environmental scientist with the California State Parks department. Also in attendance were project opponents, people just curious about the plan, and members of various news outlets.

Following the brief visit, the tour bus left for its next stop at . Meanwhile, opponents of the Malibu Lagoon project Alden Marin and "Mr. Malibu" Cary ONeal argued with Shelley Luce, executive director of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, as well as Goode and Kara Kemmler of the California State Coastal Conservancy. Malibu  candidate  and local resident Athena Shlien later confronted Luce.

Luce defended the project as part of a plan to make the area "sustainable long after I'm gone." The opponents gave their various reasons for why they believe the project would be destructive.

The Coastal Commission approved the project in October 2010 by an 11-0 vote. Many of the current commissioners were not on that panel. Three nonprofit groups, two of which are headed by environmentalist Marcia Hanscom, filed a lawsuit to try to stop the project, but a San Francisco Superior Court judge rejected the suit in October 2011.

Work on the project is scheduled to begin June 1. Some opponents, including Lyon and , say they are willing to stand in front of bulldozers to prevent its start.

The Malibu Lagoon Restoration and Enhancement Plan project calls for replacement of non-native vegetation with native vegetation, adjustments to slopes and channels, and removal of bridges in a 12-acre portion of the lagoon.

Proponents say the project will improve oxygen circulation and the general health of the lagoon. Opponents say it will harm the lagoon and that species will die. They object to the use of bulldozers, the removal of the bridges and other features.

Steve Woods January 18, 2012 at 04:20 AM
Athena ,,, Please educate everyone on how successful the Zuma Lagoon project turned out to be . It is a night and day difference of how much more abundant the wildlife is at the Zuma Lagoon has been since the EVIL bulldozers recontoured the 6 acres . Please inform us why the Malibu Lagoon would not make the same dramatic ability to absorb natural and unnatural contaminants that enhances the ability for healthy oxygen levels to prevail ! If you do not admit this truth you are being dishonest , have some covert agenda and cannot be TRUSTED to be a spokeswoman for the Malibu Lagoon !
Steve Woods January 18, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Pamela , It won't take much time to research the recent beach grades that are constantly failing in Malibu and Surfrider Beach when Tapia is not Discharging ,, If Tapia is not or has not discharged for months , why are some beaches deemed unsafe to swim at ? Please contemplate Malibu's reputation as being a source of pollution . WHY? what the heck is going on ?
Andy Lyon January 19, 2012 at 01:08 AM
You're right Steve , it doesn't take that long to research beach grades ... here is this weeks : BEACH REPORT The Zuma Creek outflow, which is the official boundary between Point Dume State Marine Reserve and the adjacent State Marine Conservation Area received failing water quality marks this week from Heal the Bay. Paradise Cove, Solstice Creek outflow at Dan Blocker State Beach, the Puerco Creek outflow and Surfrider at the breach location were the only other Malibu beaches to receive failing grades, although Topanga State Beach barely passed with a C grade. All Malibu beaches west of Zuma received A grades. BY SUZANNE GULDIMANN WOW....ZUMA CREEK ??!! Now isn't that something ? That's the restoration area you keep going off about right ? So we can look forward to the same sort of improvements at Malbu that Zuma creek is enjoying after they dig it all up ? Or could it be that they haven't figured out that they beach grades are measuring bird crap? I'm not happy about the grade at Zuma , but it sure makes me laugh after all you written about that project here on patch .
Steve Woods January 19, 2012 at 04:07 PM
You are right Andy , for some reason that I am trying to find out Zuma Creek recieved a a "D " grade . I was alittle surprized , but I researched the historical data and read that in the last 3 years that 95 % of the time it gets a "A+" grade ,, Would like to know myself why this one month the grade was low , The berm is closed . Yes there are birds in the Lagoon but there is also Septics along the creek Shores and alot of horses upstream ,,
Stephenie Glas March 03, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Yuck. I walked out over the bridges to third point yesterday to check the surf and wind. My buddy with me says "oh my god, whats that smell?" " I dont know" I said, but man does it stink down there...lets hurry up and get it cleaned up...it looked like the little duckies floating in the middle of the dirty water were bummed out, and boy did I want to run away once I got a whiff of it.


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