UPDATE: Councilman Shaw Resigns, Adams Calls His Candidacy a 'Big Lie'

Former Councilman Clarence Shaw sent the city an email Thursday tendering his immediate resignation and Councilman Tom Adams alleges that Shaw never intended to run for re-election in the first place.

Former Councilman Clarence Shaw resigned his seat on the Monrovia City Council Thursday, the day after the filing period closed for candidates to run for two open council seats in April.

Shaw sent an email to City Manager Laurie Lile Thursday afternoon explaining that he was resigning effective immediately, Councilman Tom Adams said.

Shaw said in a telephone interview with Patch Tuesday that he had pulled the paperwork to run for re-election and intended to reclaim his seat. But, according to city records, Shaw did not file the paperwork by Wednesday's deadline.

He has not returned several calls requesting comment on this story.

A major in the U.S. Army Reserves, Shaw has been deployed in Washington state since July 2011. His seat was filled on an interim basis in Dec. 2011 by Larry Spicer, who has filed to run for one of the two open seats on the City Council in April.

Adams said Thursday that he believes Shaw never intended to run for re-election.

"My understanding is that Clarence Shaw has a new home in Washington state and a new family in Washington state and it appears as if it was never his intention to return to Monrovia," Adams said.

In a comment on Patch, Adams alleged that Shaw's statements about his candidacy were intended to benefit the electoral chances of Spicer.

"The really sad part is that this big lie was apparently done to help Mr. Spicer retain the seat that he didn't feel he could get on his own," Adams wrote. "We all know that incumbancy is powerful and had the public known that two imcumbants were not running there would have been more candiates filing."

Spicer said in an interview Friday that Adams' allegations are "absolutely wrong."

"Clarence had planned on running all the way up to when he made the decision that he made," Spicer said. "All of this about Clarence and I working together, that's absolutely untrue."

Since only Spicer and one other candidate--local attorney Alexander Blackburn--filed to run for the open council seats, the council could decide to cancel the election and appoint people to the two open seats.

Monique Tully January 30, 2013 at 02:35 AM
Well Bill C. let me tell you it Is true about Larry being a bully I am one of the neighbors, I am one of the only people Larry hasnt bullied and the reason why is because I am a strong minded person myself I dont take s**t from people but I am nice to my neighbors and get along with them and Larry knows this about me so I am not one for him to pick on . He picks on the weak . I am friendly with everyone on my street and never have had a problem with anyone , but I do know what has gone on in the past
Monique Tully January 30, 2013 at 02:48 AM
I second that !! lol
Monique Tully January 30, 2013 at 02:51 AM
I need to make a correction on my previous comment I looked at my calender wrong it was Tuesday January 15th that Mr Shaw and Mr. Spicer spent together
A Very Concerned Citizen March 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM
The above is stunning and needs to be made very public. I happened to hear one of Mr. Spicer's neighbors speak to the City Council soon after Spicer's "temporary" appointment. The neighbor was visibly shaking but spoke with reason, and calmly. He seemed credible. What he reported was outrageous: bullying behavior by Mr. Spicer perpetrated upon his neighbors and even upon his own family. As a result of hearing that report, I emailed one of the city officers and suggested the claims were too serious to ignore and that they should be investigated. I received a response and statement of agreement that the claims were too serious to ignore. I never saw or heard any follow up discussion and whether an investigation was done or not, Mr. Spicer remained in his seat. I see that as a failure of the Council. Now, with Mr. Shaw's and Mr. Spicer's apparent maneuvering to keep Spicer on the Council we have only the "write in" option to ensure Mr. Spicer is no longer representing the people and the city of Monrovia. Monrovia voters don't know all of this and they need to know it. The "write-in" candidate, Mr. Robert Parry and his supporters and any others who find Mr. Spicer's reputation disqualifying him as a viable candidate for our City Council, need to get out on the streets and give Monrovia voters the facts. What can legally be done should be done, and quickly. A very concerned 35 year Monrovia resident.
Dan Crandell March 18, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Spicer believes that an endorsement from Lutz is a ticket to ride. I believe that her support for him is based on her fear of Parry. He will challenge her prominence, Desperate people do desperate things to get get fulfillment in their quest for prominence and Lutz and Spicer are desperate. Spicer's bull dog attitude is one thing of concern but beyond that he is a law breaker. These facts are undisputed and will not just go away regardless of Lutz and her holier than all of us attitude. I shutter to think about four year of turmoil in town over Spicer. He just not worth it.


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