Napa Chalk Suspect's Case Dismissed by DA

Amy Larson, arrested Sept. 11 after chalking "9/11 Truth" and "WTC Bldg 7" slogans on the First Street Bridge in Napa, will not be prosecuted for vandalism, according to the Napa County District Attorney's Office.

It looks as if Amy Larson will not be returning to a Napa courtroom to defend herself against charges of vandalism stemming from her arrest Sept. 11 after chalking slogans on the First Street Bridge.

The case against Larson has been dismissed, according to the Napa County District Attorney's Office.

Larson's arrest on suspicion of felony vandalism touched off a firestorm of comment on Napa Valley Patch, Alex Jones's national radio and video programs and other media.

Larson, who was unavailable for comment Friday, had insisted she was arrested because she wouldn't fully identify herself to police who questioned her after she was reported to be writing on the bridge.

While the district attorney's office will not pursue the case, which had been reduced to a misdemeanor by the time Larson was arraigned Wednesday, Napa Police Capt. Jeff Troendly said police still believe she is the person responsible for widespread chalk writing in Napa, which had to be cleaned up at city expense.

Although the DA's office has declined to prosecute, city officials could still pursue a civil legal action against Larson to recover the costs of the cleanup.

Troendly warned that those who vandalize property, regardless of their medium or its message, "may be held accountable" by authorities.

"We don't want people doing this," he said.

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Ernie Stoddard October 02, 2012 at 08:58 PM
A.D. states (again): They twisted your arms back so you had "have two operations", or, they made you scrape your knees and drop your glasses? Just trying to be clear here Answer: All the above, they cranked my arms clear above my shoulder blades (pictures of handcuff marks on file at Napa PD) and yes I had both shoulders operated on. They also have pictures of my knees at NPD. A.D. also states: Oh, and if you want to know how I know a lot about these things, it's because I've lived here a very long time...maybe not as long as you. You're quite a bit older than I am. Napa is a very small town. Answer: Oh give me a break don't you know that everyone has an opinion, you choose to believe the cops (No matter what). I just want the people to know that there is another side to some of the stories. Cops do NOT ALWAYS tell the TRUTH!! That is the point I was trying to get across. And alas, I don't know your age and don't care to. I just want you to open your eyes and admit that there MIGHT be a thread of truth on the other side....
vocal-de-local October 02, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Ernie, we must be careful to not put all cops in the "cops lie" basket. It's the equivalent of saying all black people steal or all white people are greedy. That said, I can identify somewhat with what happened to you at the park except it happened to my family on a 4th of July beach on Tahoe. Yes, we had gone to restaurant and we had been drinking margaritas. Yes my son was tipsy. He was later beaten up by a guy who was trying to prove his masculinity in front of a group of his friends, after accusing my son of flirting with his girlfriend. This guy just wanted to beat someone up, bottom line. People on the beach called law enforcement because my son was injured. The group ran off. Officers removed my son off the beach and interrogated him, treating him not like the victim but like someone who had committed a crime. He had done nothing wrong, which they later discovered. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and there was miscommunication between the officers and the custodial offices on a busy 4th of July. He refused to give them his name and they assaulted and tasered him. His skin was black from burns. They must have shot the taser at very close range. This was retaliatory behavior, not use of diplomacy with a person who had been first beat up and was not in a right state of mind at the moment. Anyway, I can identify with your frustration but still, I've met some fantastic salt of the earth cops before. They are not all the same. Keep that in mind.
Belle (Orchid Lady) October 02, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Ernie, don't let someone get you upset. Also you don't need to explain yourself and your very painful experiences, to someone who will never understand the point you are making. Some folks just don't posses critical thinking skills, and it's easier for them to believe what they 'have been told' than it is for them to see things from another perspective.
Belle (Orchid Lady) October 02, 2012 at 10:03 PM
I agree with Vocal. Not everybody lies, I know some amazing people who happened to become police officers, and I know some real jerks who did also. It depends on lots of things. I can probably answer lots of reasons for the police to do what they did, but in the end, it doesn't always sit well in the gut.
Ernie Stoddard October 02, 2012 at 11:17 PM
I'm not trying to put ALL cops in the lie basket. But even one bad apple can spoil the barrel. Because I have had first hand knowledge that cops lie (like they did to me, and my step-son). I have also herd of the "Thin Blue Line" good cops do not rat on bad cops, they just help them cover up the bad cop mistakes. When you join the force, you are assigned a (FTO) Field Training Officer, and you will have your every move and thought overlooked. Now if the FTO feels that you are trying to go against the system, you can and most likely will be terminated.. So all I'm saying that the good cops are forced to cover up for the bad cops, when they should be able to speak up against the wrong doers. And of coarse they won't because they want to keep their jobs.


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