Gun Stolen in 1996 in Culver City Discovered During Recent Traffic Stop

Deputies from Century Sheriff’s Station recovered the 9mm semi-automatic pistol during a traffic stop in unincorporated South Los Angeles.

It’s taken 17 years, but a 9mm semi-automatic pistol stolen from a man in Culver City in 1996 was recently found in the Florence unincorporated area of South Los Angeles during a traffic stop by Century Sheriff’s deputies.

Century Sheriff’s deputies stopped a driver in the 8200 block of Compton Ave. in the Florence unincorporated area of South Los Angeles, where they recovered the gun.

According to the deputies the gun was not registered to the driver but to someone else. When the deputies managed to contact the owner, he told them the gun was one of two pistols stolen from him in 1996 while he was unloading groceries from his car in Culver City.

The gun owner told deputies he reported the theft to his local police. Local police then wrote a courtesy report for Culver City Police as the crime occurred in their jurisdiction. However, the gun was never described in any report and was an unreported stolen gun for nearly 17 years. The assisting unit then generated a courtesy report for the Culver City Police Department finally listing the gun as stolen.

The driver stopped in Florence told deputies he was an undocumented person living in the United States who had emigrated from Mexico. He said he bought the gun from a man in Compton and carried it for his own protection.

The driver was arrested and charged with possessing a concealed firearm in public and receiving stolen property.

Century Station deputies said the gun would probably be returned to the original owner following court proceedings.

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