Culver City Detective Arrested in Nashville for Public Intoxication

Det. Ryan Thompson was arrested Monday morning. CCPD says it has begun an investigation into the incident.

Culver City Detective Ryan Thompson was arrested in Nashville, TN early Monday morning and charged with public intoxication after he was deemed a “danger to himself and others.”

Ryan, 33, is a 10-year-veteran with the Culver City Police Department and was arrested after he was escorted out of Bailey’s Irish Pub on Lower Broadway, reports WKRN News in Nashville.

WKRN reports that according to the arrest document, Thompson was "banging on the front window" after he was forced to leave, and then "walked into the back door of the business and was wandering around the kitchen area."

An officer who arrived at the scene described Thompson as "unsteady on his feet" and using "extremely slurred speech."

The report also states that after he was arrested Thompson became "increasingly belligerent" and made threats against the arresting officer's family on multiple occasions. The arresting officer reported Thompson said, "I can't wait to get a hold of your son." When the officer asked if he was threatening his family, Thompson replied, "I'm not threatening your family but I'm going to f*^# them up."

Thompson has since been released from Nashville Metro jail, and according to the criminal court clerk's Web site today, the charge has been dismissed.

Culver City Police Chief Don Pederson issued this statement following the incident:

While in Nashville Tennessee, Detective Ryan Thompson, a member of the Culver City Police Department for 10 years was arrested for public intoxication.

Members of the Culver City Police Department have been in contact with the Nashville Police and we are fully cooperating with them.

Law Enforcement Officers are expected to use good judgment and act professionally at all times.

We are extremely disappointed when the actions of our officers come into question. We have already begun what will be a thorough and comprehensive personnel investigation into the matter.

At the conclusion of our investigation the appropriate action will be taken.

Since this is a confidential personnel matter we are very limited as to what information will be released.

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Tom January 22, 2013 at 07:13 PM
The public intoxication charge itself is not too disturbing. All people do stupid things. He was off duty and away from his territory. The much more disturbing thing is the threats towards a police officer's family. This behavior - even while intoxicated - should concern all Culver City citizens First of all, who threatens a cop when being arrested? Secondly, such threats of violence against a cop probably means this guy would abuse his power and threaten citizens while he himself was on duty.
Oezden Aynali January 23, 2013 at 08:31 AM
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my Opinion: if he didn't say, that he is a police officer, while incident happened --> then, he was living as civil-citizen, as incident happened. We cannot asses as police officer at this Time. The rules should work under this basis. yours sincerely, Oezden Aynali
KSan January 24, 2013 at 05:22 PM
He threatens bodily harm to somebody while drunk in public & goes home willy-nilly, had he been the arresting officer in this incident the guy would've been charged with some outrageous felonies & thrown in prison for YEARS!!


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