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Why I'm a Huge Supporter of Scott Malsin for Culver City Council

Scott has a passion for our unique city and for making sure it maintains its "Mayberry" feel while it continues its growth.

I am a huge supporter of Scott Malsin and have been since before he was ever a Culver City Council member. Scott was instrumental in getting a grant to transform it into such a beautiful park that I even though I live near Carlson Park, I often make the trek to Culver West with my kids. I am sure that is one of the many reasons he was elected to the council on his first go. People knew with Scott they would get real results. He knows the system and how to work it to get the job done— not an easy task in a city like ours. 

Scott has a passion for our unique city, and for making sure it maintains the "Mayberry" feel while it continues its growth. I would feel safe and confident knowing that he is in office because I know he shares all the same concerns I do and is the voice for people like me, who love Culver City and want to keep it the special place that it is today.

That's why I'm voting for Scott Malsin on April 10, and I hope you will too.


Debbie Weiss

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