Why Culver City Needs Measure Y to Pass

Deferred maintenance and reduced manpower put our safety at risk.

I've watched the degradation of Culver City services over the last few years with sadness and frustration.  Deferred maintenance and reduced manpower put all our safety at risk. 

Recently I could not get into the driver's seat of my vehicle because a car had parked on the blue grid between two handicap parking stalls in the Culver Boulevard lot of the Veterans Memorial Building. 

Too many drivers in Culver City have no expectations of any consequences for their actions because of a lack of Culver City Police Department resources. This past Sunday, a driver went down the wrong side of my street, placing business cards on the driver's window of parked vehicles. 

I constantly see the effects of CCPD not having enough resources to enforce the traffic regulations. Tree branches sweeping the sidewalk, a street that needs repair, vehicles ignoring traffic regulations, all signal to this resident that changes need to be made. 

I'm voting for Measure Y. I hope my Culver City neighbors will as well.


 John L. Heyl

Editor’s note: Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity.

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