How Important Are Our Children and Their Education?

Everyone that has made a contribution to the Culver City Education Foundation’s All for 1 campaign can proudly state that they have made a difference.

Janet and I have seen the impact of the Culver City Education Foundation.  We know firsthand the difference that it makes for our schools. Over many years the Education Foundation has continued to demonstrate it’s commitment to the students of the Culver City Unified School District.

Everyone that has made a contribution to the Education Foundation can proudly state that they have made a difference. Our association with CCUSD over the last 30 years continues as our family has two teachers and five grandchildren in the District that directly benefit from everyone’s participation. 

As we all know, the State financial picture puts many challenges in front of our schools.  There are no prospects that the funding for our schools will improve in the near future. Our contribution to the CCEF is more important than ever.  The time is now for us to make a difference and have our money stay right here in Culver City. The Ed Foundation’s All for 1 Campaign is just the “one campaign” in this election year needed to make real change happen.

If each family were to donate at least $10 per month per student, we would help the Ed Foundation reach the goal. That is not much to sacrifice to help our most valuable asset, our children.

It has been said that the $1 million is already here in the Culver Unified School District, all we need to do is reach into our pockets once a month and set aside $10 for each student in our household.  So the question is how important are our children and their education?  It is now time to act.


Jerry Chabola

Editor’s note: Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity.

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