Summer Learning Alternative

Did you know?

Parents cite summer as the hardest time to find productive activities for their children.

Students often lose a combined 2 months of computation and reading skills during the summer break.

Use the Summer to Catch up or Get Ahead!!

This summer, Tutor Doctor will be offering an online program to keep your child on track! Tutor Doctor 24/7 allows you to use the summer vacation to get ahead. All in the comfort of your home! In conjunction with our in-home, 1-on-1 academic support, this summer alternative:

Aligns with the Common Core Curriculum Tutors create engaging ways to review materials that are aligned with students' current academic level. Assignments and lessons in math, science, and English follow Common Core guidelines to keep students on track. 

Offers Remote Access to Study Materials Going on vacation? Don't worry. Outside of 1-on-1 sessions, students, parents and tutors can access study materials from anywhere with a wireless connection.

- Boosts Confidence for the Upcoming School Year Summer learning can build both academic skills and confidence for your student to enter the school year excelling.  

Call Tutor Doctor today and schedule a FREE consultation.

Visit tutordoctorresults.com for more information.


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