One Good Reason to Vote 'Yes' on Measure Y on Nov. 6

Measure Y will ensure our essential services will always be available.

I would like to offer a simple plea to my fellow Culver City residents. Please be sure to vote "YES" on Measure Y on Nov. 6.

I could offer a long string of reasons why I think you should vote for the extra one half of a penny sales tax but nstead I will provide a single reason.

Many years ago my father Otto Bartal had a stroke. I arrived at his home to find him in bad shape, lying on his kitchen floor. It was a scene that I hope nobody ever has to experience. I phoned for the paramedics and within two minutes they were on the scene and 100 percent prepared.

Measure Y will ensure that if you or your family ever need help from our paramedics, police or fire department, they will be there. That’s why I’m urging all Culver City citizens to vote YES on Measure Y.


Roberta Sergant

Editor’s note: Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Click here to read more about Measure Y.

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