Culver City Chamber Announces Endorsements for Nov. 6 Election

Find out where the Culver City Chamber of Commerce stands on local Measure Y, Prop 30, Measure J and more.

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce has released its list of endorsements for the various ballot propositions and measures for the Nov. 6 election.

The Chamber chose not to take a position on any propositions it did not deem business issues and in some instances simply didn’t take a stand on certain propositions, without any explanation as to why.

Chamber President Steve Rose sent out the following letter to Chamber members regarding his stand:

…The state's proposition system is broken; our legislature is allowing through their inaction too many truly special interest propositions on the ballot. We have tax increases, product labeling requirements, death penalty changes plus many other constitutional questions. In my opinion the state legislature is not doing their job. 

The General Election is our time to make our choices known to our elected representative and even elect our representatives, even though in the Culver City area there seems to be a lack of choices on the ballot. With the Open Primary System now in effect in California, we should see some changes in the coming elections.

One last time VOTE on Tuesday or remember to vote by mail.

That's what I think....



Prop 30 Temporary Tax Increase  - Oppose   

Prop 31 State Budget - No Position  

Prop 32 Political Contributions-  Oppose  

Prop 33 Auto Insurance  - No Position  

Prop 34 Death Penalty - Not a business issue

Prop 35 Human Trafficking - Not a business issue

Prop 36 Three Strikes Law  - Not a business issue

Prop 37 Genetically Engineered Foods  - No Position 

Prop 38 Tax to fund Education and Early Childhood Programs - No Position 

Prop 39 Tax Treatment for Multi-State businesses - Oppose  

Prop 40 Redistricting - Oppose  


Measure B Adult Film Industry condom usage - Oppose 

Measure J  Extension of the half cent MTA funding through sales tax of light rail - Support 

Measure Y Culver City half-cent sales tax increase with a 10-year sunset-Support

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Earl Richards November 03, 2012 at 01:25 PM
Texas oil corporations have been gouging Californians for years, by charging excessively, higher gasoline prices. It is time that these corporations started to give something back. The $1 billion per year should be spent in California to create jobs and safeguard the environment. Vote "Yes" on Prop 39.
Kevin Lachoff November 06, 2012 at 07:08 AM
The loophole 39 seeks to close DOES need to be closed, however the money from closing the SSF loophole needs to go to California's General Fund so the state can put the money where they feel it most needed, rather than earmarking yet more of our state's annual budget.
Kevin Lachoff November 06, 2012 at 07:11 AM
Prop 40 update- the authors of 40 now urge a Yes vote and there is no longer any opposing view to the proposition due to a recent court decision.


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