Buick Design Art Tour Comes to Culver City

Earlier this month Buick decided to roll out its new signature style and designs by simultaneously highlighting the great arts scene in Los Angeles.

Working hand in hand with the non-profit organization, Viva LA Art, General Motors’ Buick held an event earlier this month to showcase both its own signature style as well as the style of local LA artists.

The event kicked off with a light breakfast at Culver City’s WWA Gallery where journalists watched Live Painters Nora Martin-Hall, John Pak and Mimi Yoon bring their paintings to life (see video). Then it was off to drive the new signature Buicks to Culver City’s nearby ThinkSpace Gallery where participants learned about the work of Cannibal Flower, which aims to create artist unity and collaboration by working with other galleries and alternative spaces to bring the arts to a wider audience.

Another trip in the Buicks led participants to Ventura where Em.bod.y showcased their work.

Buick Communications Representative Katia Maltais told attendees the idea behind the design tour was due to its influx of new customers over the past five years. “We’ve been looking at what our customers and what they value the most,” she said. “And design is one of them and that’s why it made sense for us to do this tour.”

The fact that there is art in LA is not groundbreaking, Maltais said. “But what’s interesting to look at is how difficult it is for artists to make it in LA and the very interesting initiatives they take on to be discovered.”

In this vein, Maltais linked both local artists with Buick’s emphasis on design, each with its own signature noting that designing a vehicle is also an art and each vehicle also needs to embody the brand’s signature in a unique way.

Even the lunch was provided by artistic caterers ¶ (New Paragraph), who created their business “to incite action and facilitate dialogues across many conversations within the art community.”

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