A Club in Culver City for People That Like to Set Things on Fire [VIDEO]

Los Angeles-based fire artists come to Culver City Park to practice their craft late at night.

Where do you go to perfect your craft if you’re a fire artist in Los Angeles? To the basketball courts at Culver City Park.

Called  the ‘Burn Club’ fire artists are permitted to attend Wednesday night sessions from 8 p.m. to midnight at the park, with the blessing of Culver City officials.

According to Burn Club’s website, the group has permits to perform from the Culver City Parks & Recreation Department and the Culver City Fire Department, because the performers have paid for their own insurance.

According to a recent article in LA Weekly, Burn Club is the only place fire artists can practice in Los Angeles.  It has been in operation since 2004. There is an additional space at Long Beach’s Recreation Park.

Despite the legality of the performance space, there are strict rules that all fire artists must follow when participating. As per the organization’s website, the 10 rules are as follows:

  1. The fire permit requires that one of the permit holders must be present, and that fire extinguishers are available.
  2. All fuel will be taken directly to the fuel area upon arrival. At the end of the night, fuel should be removed directly to your car, no stops.
  3. Each fire act must have a safety spotter. Multi-performer interactive routines count as one act.
  4. Each performer is expected to ensure they have their own spotter, do not assume current spotters will do it.
  5. The first, or only spotter must stand between the fuel area and the fire act.
  6. Spinout zone on the east side of the courts, south side, or as designated.
  7. Practice areas are on the east side of the courts and in the playground.
  8. Spinout area, fuel area and east side of courts are designated non-smoking zones.
  9. Photographers must secure permission to shoot from each performer, each time they light up.
  10. When in doubt, we follow the NAFAA.org performers guidelines for safety.

Check out the fire artists’ practice session at Culver City Park in the video above and click here to read the full story on LA Weekly about how the club was founded, here.

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