Water Mains Break in Northridge and Chatsworth

Cars, a home and streets are flooded before DWP turns off the flow.

Two water main breaks were reported in Northridge and Chatsworth overnight, damaging cars and a home in one case and flooding a street in the other.

The first and most damaging break occurred around 11:15 p.m. Sunday on Bermuda Street at Chimineas Avenue.

The water broke through the pavement with so much force that it made a hole of around seven feet in diameter and smashed through the windshields of cars parked in a driveway, flooding one of them, a news photographer reported from the scene.

The water then coursed through the front door of a home, through the entry way and into the living room and a bathroom, the photographer reported. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power workers shut off the water around 12:45 a.m.

The second break occurred nearby, on Fullbright Place and Delco Avenue, around 1 a.m., causing some street flooding, according to the photographer.

The LADWP did not immediately comment on the main breaks.

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